Premier Archery Tag Rental in Dallas & Tarrant County

Archery Tag x Arrow Tag Rental in Dallas & Tarrant County
 Catherine M.
Catherine M.
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Stays true to what they advertise, and for my first time I had a lot of fun! Damien, our event coordinator, was very patient and chill with my group, and he set up so fast we were able to start 15 minutes earlier than planned. They also supplied us with a really loud speaker for music and protective masks. Damien provided a good foundation for us to have a lot of fun, and the target practice helped everyone get a feel of the bows and shooting before War.
Ashley R.
Ashley R.
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My Airballing DTX experience was FANTASTIC! I wanted to take my colleagues out for an afternoon of team building. This was definitely a fun way to do it. We played Archery Tag and Zorbing. Archery Tag was fun! The staff planned and explained all the different games we played. Then we Zorbed in this giant wheel down a hill. It was a BLAST! Would definitely work with Airballing DTX again for team outings, birthday parties, or special events.
 Sandy N.
Sandy N.
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We had so much fun with what we requested. Our party chose Bubble Soccer and Archery Tag. The guy we met with for these activities was very hands-on. He walked us through the activities as well as gave some pointers like in bubble soccer. He had all the equipment available and ready for us to use. …
Yesenia M.
Yesenia M.
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Every month our office has a team event. This months event was archery tag, bubble soccer, and nerf gun war through Airballing DTX. Let me tell you they did not disappoint! Our host Nicholas had everything set up on time and helped guide us through each event. This has been one of our favorite team events by far.
Playing archery tag in dallas county. We service throughout the entire area between Dallas and tarrant county!
Get ready to run, shoot and dodge all at the same time with our carefully crafted Archery Tag Rentals in Dallas & Tarrant County
Get all the ammo you can get before you step into our Intense Archery Tag Battles in Dallas - Fort Worth
Always shoot your foam tip arrows as far as possible in your arrow tag matches!
airballingdtx has the best Archery Tag equipment in all of Dallas
Archery Tag rental in Plano Area
Get ready to run like you're on a Battlefield with our Archery Tag Rental in Richardson
Choose your shots carefully and advance forward with our epic Archery Tag games in Tarrant County


Archery Tag is a team building activity commonly referred to as combat archery or arrow tag. It includes the best aspect of Archery and Dodgeball into one sport.

‘Tag’ means you will fire a projectile at your friends or coworkers just like any other team based combat game like paintball but with a twist! Your projectile will be a foam-tip arrow!

Our arrows come in two styles: high-impact arrows and low-impact arrows. And the arrows live up to their name! High-impact arrows are used for corporate team-building events, bachelor parties, and other events with 18+ participants. Our low-impact arrows are used for kid’s birthday parties.

Archery Tag is a technical and dynamic activity which makes it extremely important for all participants to know how to shoot an arrow before they start playing. This is the number 1 rule for all participants in order for everyone to experience maximum fun while playing Archery Tag. 

Here are AirballingDTX, we always start our Archery Tag with 15 minutes of archery practice to ensure everyone can fire an arrow before we launch our first Arrow Tag game. 

Once everyone is comfortable shooting arrows and running + shooting arrows simultaneously, we will introduce a variety of combat archery games.

The gameplay of our game modes will vary heavily depending on the size of the mobile arena that we create on your behalf. Hosts have the option to choose a small or large map. (More details on this below) 

Some of the games you’ll play are Medic, Team Deathmatch, Last Man Standing, Minefield, Infection, The Last King, V.I.P, League, Dodgeball, and Capture the Flag.

In most of our games, participants will run to the middle where all the foam tip arrows will be laid out just like Hunger Games. For this exact reason, we sometimes call our Archery Tag experience – Real Life Hunger Games. 

Archery Tag is much more intense in a smaller map when inflatables and players are condensed into a smaller space. In this game play, a lot of arrows fly back and forth; thus why we refer it to as combat archery. 

The lack of space and few inflatables exposes players and force participants to engage in a fierce round of Arrow Tag. This type of Archery Tag is recommended for active and highly competitive individual who are inclined to sports like paintball and airsoft. 

For archery tag played in open space or a large open area, the game style becomes similar to a stress-free version of dodgeball where catching an arrow becomes just as important as hitting an opponent with an arrow. This type of Archery Tag is recommended for people who are looking for a non-strenuous time outside with their friends and would prefer to practice the sport of archery with a little twist than to engage in a full blow out competition. 

The rules of Archery Tag are personalized to each game our Event Coordinator hosts. However, there are general rules to follow to follow safety protocols:

  • A face mask (that we provide) must be worn at all times during play. 
  • Arrows can be shot at maximum force but only to an opponent’s front profile. In the situation a person shoots another from their back, the shot will not count. 
  • When running to the middle to grab arrows, players must forfeit the arrow to the first player to touch the arrow. (No tug of war with arrows)
  • Players shall not throw arrows! 

To place an arrow on the bow correctly:

  • Always place an arrow on the rest-piece of the bow.
  • After you clip the back of the arrow to the string of the bow, form a 90 degree angle with the arrow while it is resting on the bow. 

To fire an arrow:

  • After you pull the string, the hand that’s pulling should be at the height of one’s cheek. 
  • There should be 3 inches between your hand and cheek.
  • The elbows must flare out to pull the string with ease. 

To run and fire simultaneously:

  • Place the index finger of the hand holding the bow over the tip of the arrow to keep the arrow on the bow when you are moving. Place the finger on the arrow until the last second you fire the arrow. 

We like to keep our Archery Tag novel and interesting throughout the entire event. To do so, we have created a few combat archery games that have their own unique rules and objectives!

  • Medic – In this game, each team has a medic who can revive friendlies. The game ends when a players successfully tags the opponent’s medic.
  • Team Deathmatch – Players have unlimited lives and are separated into two teams. Both teams must stay on their side and tag opponent’s until they reach their first 10 or 20 tags.
  • Hunger Games – All the arrows will be set in the middle and each player must fend for himself with all the available equipment on the field! 
  • Minefield – Players are separated into two teams. Players become a mine when they are tagged. Mines must stand where they are hit and may tag nearby opponents to turn them into mines. Mines get back in if they catch an arrow mid-air! Game ends with 1 team standing. 
  • V.I.P – Each team has a Very Important Person they must protect. Unlike medic, this game revives players who are shot after 15 seconds of rest. The game ends when one team successfully tags the opponent’s VIP.
  • Dodgeball – Teams start off on opposing sides. When players are tagged, they must go to the opposite side of their start point, collect arrows within 5 feet of their radius and attempt to strike out opponents.  
  • Capture the Flag – A classic game of capture the flag with bows and arrows! 
Arrow tag is the best way for corporate workers to bond with each other and have maximum fun! We throw the best archery tag events in Dallas & Tarrant County!


Hosted an archery tag event in Dallas County. We use the same bows as Arrow Tag and similar games. You'll get the same if not better arrow tag experience with airballingdtx


1.5 HOURS of Archery Tag - $499
2 HOURS of Archery Tag - $650
  • What's Included:
  • 14 RECURVE BOWS (12LB, 18LB, 22LB+)
Group Photo of Arrow Tag x Archery Tag in Arlington. We recently took over Arrow Tag airballingdtx's equipment and games to enhance the experience that we provide to clients.


1.5 HOURS of Archery Tag & 20 Bows - $799
2 HOURS of Archery Tag & 40 Bows - $1500
  • What's Included:
  • 20-40 RECURVE BOWS (12LB, 18LB, 22LB+)


Experience thrilling Archery Tag action in Dallas-Fort Worth. Premier party rentals with competitive gameplay at AirballingDTX
Enjoy exhilarating Archery Tag experiences in Dallas-Fort Worth. Premier party rentals for thrilling competitive gameplay at AirballingDTX
The Last King Archery Tag Game Mode - Dive into thrilling Archery Tag experiences in Dallas-Fort Worth. Premier party rentals offering competitive gameplay at AirballingDTX.
Play exciting Archery Tag in Dallas-Fort Worth. Join the fun with premier party rentals at AirballingDTX!
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Paladin with Archery Tag - Enjoy epic Archery Tag fun in Dallas-Fort Worth. Join our premier party rentals at AirballingDTX
Dive into thrilling Archery Tag action in Dallas-Fort Worth. Join the excitement at AirballingDTX for premier party rentals


We provide the best Archery Tag games and mimic hunger games in real life. Not to mention, we use real recurve / snake bows with both high and low impact foam tip arrows.


No need to travel in order to enjoy archery tag and our other party rentals. We bring the party straight to you. Enjoy your party and we'll be there to make it happen.


Banish boring parties! Add Bubble Soccer or Gel Blasters (like paintball). Our activities will keep your team-building fun from start to end.


AirBallingDTX Customers Rate Our Activities A 5-STAR EXPERIENCE!

Group picture after Archery Tag!
Group picture after Archery Tag!
Group picture after Zorbing!
Group picture after Zorbing!
Group picture after Bubble Soccer!
Group picture after Bubble Soccer!
Group picture after Nerf Wars!
Group picture after Nerf Wars!
Group picture after Bubble Soccer & Archery Tag
Group picture after Bubble Soccer & Archery Tag

Omg what can I say. We had the most epic birthday for my 7 year old. David, our "coach" was incredible. He was great upon arrival with set up, he was so fun and full of energy helping all of the kids. Then they cleaned up and we're out quickly too. This company and David made my life so much easier not having to plan out the details of the event I will definitely have them back.


  • Our Archery Tag Rental is appropriate for ages 10 and up. We have 3 different type of bows to accommodate tweens, teens, and adults. For those younger than 11, we highly suggest a Nerf Gun Party.
  • We’re happy to provide you suggestions but it is ultimately your responsibility to secure a location or venue for your Archery Tag Rental.

Any outdoor park works and is the economical route. At most, you’ll have to get a permit that ranges from $75-$200.
If you don’t mind expending a bit more, you can also reserve a private indoor venue or gym for us to create an indoor Archery Arena on your behalf.

The only additional fee is a delivery fee if your location is outside of 30 miles from our zip code, 75201. And, we’ll be upfront with you should there be any additional fees before you book with us. 

  • Absolutely. Our Event Coordinator will run your Archery Tag and they’ll even deliver all the Archery Tag equipment to your preferred location. Additionally, they’ll setup and breakdown on their time, not yours.
  • Our Event Coordinators arrive anywhere from an hour to an hour and a half prior to your event.
  • Our service is fully prepared to maintain the novelty of Archery Tag from the start to the end of your party by introducing tons of games: Team Deathmatch, League, Paladin, Capture the Flag, Attack Squad, V.I.P, Last Man Standing, Infection, and Archery Dodgeball.

Because we go the extra mile to ensure we provide excellent service.

  • We provide additional novel tools to further the novelty of an already novel activity.
  • We recruit industrious, enthusastic, energetic, and personable individuals because the attitude of the event coordinator can make or break a Nerf Party.
  • We introduce different ways to play Nerf Wars.