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Paul B.
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These guys are fantastic and easy to work with. We planned a church youth event at the park with bubble soccer. Booking with Kevin was pretty simple (pay the deposit, they send you an email with questions about the event and you go from there). He responded to all my questions very quickly. Anthony brought the equipment to the park and was our ref/coordinator. Anthony is excellent! He showed up early to set up, stayed later to pack things up, and even let us play for a bit longer as he deflated each of the bubble balls. We played a few different games and had a blast.
Kelli E.
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Airballing DTX was perfect for my son's 10th birthday party with bubble soccer. Anthony, our event coordinator, was excellent with this high-energy group of kids. He improvised games and challenges for them that kept everyone active and laughing the whole time. Kevin was extremely responsive and organize, very proactive in all communications. An excellent experience overall.
Dana B.
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We had some much fun at our party! We did a combination of bubble soccer and a human hamster wheel for my son's 7th and everyone had so much fun. Even the adults got it. Juan was a great coordinate. The kids had fun and will all sleep well tonight. Thanks Airballing DTX
Ana R.
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I played bubble soccer for my 27th birthday with a group of about 12 friends and we had more fun than even expected. The Airballing DTX rep was very nice and funny and was there promptly on time. This was also one of the less expensive companies in the area which is what originally attracted me to them. I would highly recommend this for a birthday, team building day, or family party!
We bring the Bubble Soccer Party to you with free delivery within 25 Miles
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Bubble Soccer direct contact in Dallas & Tarrant County
Our Bubble Soccer Rental equipment in Tarrant County is the highest quality in the industry
Kids playing Bubble Soccer in Arlington.
Kids and adults have Bubble Soccer fun in Addison with airballingdtx
Adults playing Bubble Soccer in Dallas & Tarrant County
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Bubble Soccer is soccer and football (also known as Bubble Football) infused into one of the most unique team building activities.

While the premise is fairly similar to regular soccer, there are a few key differences in the rules and format of the game. Here’s a breakdown:

Bubble soccer can be played on a regular soccer pitch with one goal on each side and is played in a game of two halves each running 12 minutes long. There are two teams of 3-5 players, and the goal of the game is for your team to have scored the most goals when time runs out.

The fun bit is that the bubbles protect you from any injuries from collisions, trips, and falls; so you can resort to slightly more ‘aggressive’ tactics than you’d get away with in a regular soccer match.

The bubbles also restrict your upper body movement, make it quite difficult to stand up when you fall over, and cause you to bounce all over the place when a collision occurs.

For all these reasons and more, bubble soccer isn’t just good, fun, exercise – It’s also absolutely hilarious!

Bubble Soccer is best when more people are involved so our rental is ideal for Corporate Team Building, Team Building for Start-ups, Birthday Parties, Bachelor and Bachelorette Parties, Fundraisers, and other social events.

Bubble Soccer is a super easy to play. Players will split into 2 teams based on the colors of the bubble balls or colors of the pennies that will be provided by our Bubble Soccer rental in Dallas and Tarrant County and walk to their respective side of the field. 

To play, each team begins in their bubbles lined up on the baseline closest to their goal. The referee will then place a soccer ball in the middle of the pitch and blow a whistle to initiate the start of the game. It’s then up to the players to kick the ball into the opposing team’s goal by (almost) any means necessary.

Ideally, players will romp on the field as a sumo and bump anyone on sight while guiding their soccer ball to their respective goal until they hear the glorious sound of “GOOAAAAL” from our event coordinator.

In this game, bubbles move fast and also fall as fast! Now, you might think bumping sounds better than being bumped, but not in Bubble Soccer! The whole fun is in the experience of being bumped just like in bumper cars! 

After a few points, Bubble Soccer will come to a halt and our Bubble Soccer Rental in Dallas – Fort Worth will continue with a few other games that we invented just for Bubble Balls such as Team Deathmatch, V.I.P, Sumo, and Bubble Soccer Sudden Death.

For safety purposes and to maximize fun, there are a few crucial rules (that will be enforced by a referee):

  1. There are no goalies, and players are not allowed to stand in front of their goal for more than 3 seconds at a time.
  2. Players can only use force to collide with other players for two reasons: to clear the path of the ball to the rival team’s goal, or to take the ball from a member of the rival team.
  3. A player may only bump another player from their side or front-side.  
  4. A player’s head must be shielded by the bubble ball at all times. Simply, stay in the ball at all times! 
  5. Players who break these rules or act in a way that is deemed to be dangerous to themselves or other players can be given penalties or ejected from the game at the referee’s discretion.

Here are the best tips to prepare you for Bubble Soccer:

  • Bring lots of water and wear sports wear. This will let you hydrate yourself often and reduce the weight you need to carry when you’re running around in a Bubble Ball! 
  • On impact, practice  lowering your center of gravity by taking the Bubble Ball as close to the ground as possible while still being on your feet. This will provide more stability to you while you are in a ball and give you the advantage in bumping someone rather than being bumped on collision! 
  • Actually strategize before the round of games start! This sport is a team game and all team-related sports requires communication and strategy for effective execution! 
  • When you fall down while you are in a Bubble Ball, roll to your stomach and plant your feet on the ground to get back up. This is the easiest way to get up! All other methods of getting up such as forcing the ball up while you are on your back may prove to be ineffective and tiring.
  • On impact, make sure to move in the same momentum of the person who bumped you. This will make the bump feel light-hearted and fun while also giving you the momentum to perform flips to get back up in a short period of time. Using force to negate bumps may be useful to not getting bumped, but counteracts the fun of Bubble Soccer from our experience.  


We like to keep our Bubble Soccer novel and interesting throughout the entire event. To do so, we have created a few Bubble Ball games that have their own unique rules and objectives!

  • Bubble Soccer – This is soccer but in a bubble suit! Most of the rules of soccer applies except people can use their bubbles to bump others. 
  •  Team Deathmatch – This game does not require a soccer ball and only a line of players in a bubble ball on both sides. The objective of the game is to bump the opponents before being bumped. Each player in this game has one life. 
  • VIP – VIP stands for Very Important Person and is like Team Deathmatch but with a twist, everyone has unlimited lives except the VIP. The objective of each team is to bump the opponent’s VIP while protecting their VIP from the other team.
  • Sumo – This game is like a sumo match! Players will stand in a designated circle and will compete with each other by attempting to push one another out of the circle. Last person standing wins! 
  • Last Man Standing –  This is like a free for all! 
  • Bubble Football – We decided to create a new version of Bubble Soccer with additional rules and coined it as Bubble Football. This game is similar to Bubble Soccer but players who get bumped and touch the ground with their balls will not be allowed to re-enter the round. 


AirballingDTX provides the best Bubble Soccer Rental experience. We provide both adult and kid bubble balls for a fun experience!


1 HOUR of Bubble Soccer
$ 325
  • What's Included:
Adults playing Bubble Soccer in Dallas


2 HOURS of Bubble Soccer
$ 425
  • What's Included:
AirballingDTX provides a bundle package that includes Bubble soccer and archery tag. This package is for those who are looking for maximum stimulation on the day of their party!


2 HOURS of Two Activities
$ 799
  • What's Included:


No need to travel in order to enjoy Bubble Soccer. We bring the party straight to your door step. This means your games at your convenience.


Our Bubble Soccer Rental provides professional gear and our Event Coordinators are thoroughly trained to provide you the best Bubble Soccer experience.


We provide combinations! Pick 2 or more from the following: Nerf Party, Fortnite Battle Royale, Bubble Soccer, Archery Tag, Mechanical Bull Rental, and Human Hamster Ball Rental.


We provide free equipment delivery up to 30 miles from our location in Anaheim, CA 75201.


We use quality Bubble Balls that are made with a slightly different material than the other Bubble Balls in the market. Our bubble balls are lighter and more durable!


Banish boring parties! We’re your best kept secret – your party partner in crime. Partnering with us means you create parties as unique as you are.


AirBalling Customers Rate Our Activities A 5-STAR EXPERIENCE!

Group photo of Archery Tag!

Group photo of Archery Tag!

Group photo with Human Hamster Balls

Group photo with Human Hamster Balls

Group photo of Bubble Soccer

Group photo of Bubble Soccer

Group photo of Nerf Wars

Group photo of Nerf Wars

Group photo of Archery Tag and Bubble Soccer

Group photo of Archery Tag and Bubble Soccer

Absolutely amazing! Our kids and their friends might have had the best birthday party ever. They did the gel blaster party and it was phenomenal. They played for 1.5 hours straight, and the kids were having so much fun that no one even took a break. All of the parents commented that they never saw their kids be so engaged in an activity for so long. Kids came up asking when we were going to have the next birthday party. Dave was phenomenal managing a group of 15 8 year olds. Truly the perfect birthday party.


  • There are two types of Bubble Balls that AirballingDTX provides in our Bubble Soccer Rental.
  • We highly suggest players to be at least 5 years old of age for Kids Bubble Soccer and taller than 5’5 for Adults Bubble Soccer.
  • Any outdoor park works and is the economical route. At most, you’ll have to get a permit that ranges from $75-$200.
    If you don’t mind expending a bit more, we highly suggest any private indoor venue or gym because Bubble Soccer in easier to play in an enclosed space.
  • There is a 10% insurance charge that covers all the damages incurred during your Bubble Soccer event. Due to the nature of outdoor landscapes, our Bubble Balls easily puncture from sharp and sturdy branches and other protruding objects. The insurance charge covers all damages and makes sure you are not liable!
  • There may be a mileage fee if the location of your event is outside of our 30 mile radius from 75201.
  • Absolutely. The host will run your Bubble Soccer and they’ll deliver the equipment to your preferred location. Additionally, they’ll setup and breakdown on their time, not yours.
  • Our Bubble Soccer Coaches are thoroughly trained to provide the best Bubble Soccer experience in Dallas & Fort Worth. AirballingDTX prides itself on providing the best Bubble Balls & Event Coordinators! 
  • Our Event Coordinators arrive anywhere from 45 minutes to an hour prior to your event. 
  • Our service is fully prepared to maintain the novelty of playing inside a Bubble Ball from the start to the end of your party by introducing our other games: Bubble Football, Sumo, Last Man Standing, V.I.P, Team Deathmatch, and Bubble Rumble.

Because we go the extra mile to ensure we provide excellent service.

  • We provide additional novel tools to further the novelty of an already novel activity.
  • We recruit industrious, enthusastic, energetic, and personable individuals because the attitude of the event coordinator can make or break an event.
  • We introduce different ways to use the Bubble Balls then gamify them to maintain enthusiasm from our crowd.